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5 Things to do in Geneva!

Wondering what how to spend a weekend in Switzerland? I’ve compiled a list of 5 things to do in Geneva, that will keep you busy having fun!

1. Enjoy Lake Geneva
If you’re fortunate to visit on a sunny day, go for a walk on Jetee des Paquis towards the lighthouse. You can sit on the shore of the crystal clear water and take in the views of the snow capped mountains.Geneva

2. Explore the Old Town

The most scenic part of the city is Geneva’s old town is made up of winding cobblestone streets, little cafes and beautiful architecture. Dedicate a morning to strolling around this area of the city, taking in the lovely surroundings.

3. Visit the UN
Geneva is home to the European seat of the United Nations, if you have time join a tour of Palais des Nations to see how world issues are being tackled. Don’t miss the Broken Chair directly opposite, symbolising opposition to cluster bombs the sculpture is a reminder for politicians visiting the UN.

4 – See Jet d’Eau
Unfortunately for us the fountain wasn’t running when it was sunny, but we were able to see this impressive water fountain the next day. Spraying water 140 meters into the air jet d’eau is visible when you are arriving to Geneva by air!

5. Eat
Chocolate, Fondue, Raclette? Swiss food is amazing, when in Geneva you must eat out! We enjoyed a kitsch cabin-esque restaurant that served amazing Raclette and made the almost-mandatory stop at Laduree (it’s impossible for me to walk by one!) for a hot chocolate and macaroons.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Geneva, it’s a very modern city surrounded by natural beauty.

Have you ever visited?

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  1. It’s been a long time since the time I visited Geneva. I don’t even remember much of it LOL. My dorm-mate and I went to the UN, of course. It was a time before digital photography was good. I do remember trying to work out the bus system, and listening to the bus announcements, while not understanding French…

  2. Geneva has always been on my bucket list but your beautiful pictures have increased my urge. The Lake Geneva is really fascinating and I can spend hours there.

  3. What a fantastic review of a wonderful city full of history. I am planning on visiting Geneva this summer and really glad I came across your blog. I can’t wait to explore the old town and sample a famous Raclette. Keep up the great work, look forward to reading your other posts

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