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How to get the best instagram shots from your travels!

When I’m traveling (and even when I’m not) I really love capturing moments and taking tons of pictures. If you follow me on instagram then you’ll already know that sharing my photos and memories is one of my favourite things to do.

I am definitely not a professional photographer, but I thought it would be cool to share my tips on how to get the best ‘instagram-able’ pictures from your trip:


To be able to get really unique pictures, you need to go beyond the regular tourist traps. Explore your surroundings, seek out what you find interesting and have your own adventures. Just because everyone else has a picture in front of XYZ landmark doesn’t make it the best spot. Keep it fresh, I’m always interested in seeing places from a different perspective.

Golden hour.

Anyone who is about that #beachlife will know that sunset is THE best time to get your camera out. Between the hours of 5pm and 7pm is a great time to get pictures with your friends, the lighting is perfect for getting that golden glowy look. Then as the sun starts to set, it’s a great time to capture the dramatic changes in the sky. Some of the most popular pictures I’ve shared have been taken at sunset, my favourite time of the day!

11874083_10155921734700296_76298997_nNo Selfies.

Selfies are rarely flattering and of the thousands you take, you’ll end up using one. So as tempting as it is to take selfies, don’t waste your time – ask a friend to take the picture. Or if you’re going solo, set the self-timer. You’ll capture more of the surrounding landscape and take your pictures to the next level.


I’m a true believer that editing your picture can change it from awful to awesome!

I always crop out any undesirable aspects and adjust it to be straight. That way you have a good base to work with. I like to play around with the brightness and shadows on my photos until I think they look best – you can easily do this on the instagram app, no need for any extra editing software.

12047250_10156098957210296_1233048393_nEnjoy yourself

If you’re enjoying yourself then this will show in your photos, whether you are in them or not. Remember, taking photos should be fun but don’t let is take over your entire trip. Don’t focus too much on capturing your travel moments, that you lose out on creating amazing memories.

12165916_10156137607595296_913525439_nRecently, I got some of my instagram pictures printed into polaroids – I thought this was such a great way to keep my memories, this way I could put one at my office, give them to my family or keep them in a book.

Let me know your advice for getting great pictures in the comments.

xo Gem.

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