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A Sojourn in Seville.

Seville is one of those magical cities that makes you want to get lost and explore the colourful streets all day long.Seville Beautiful small cobbled streets, flamenco dancers, palm trees, delicious food and non-stop sunshine make this the ideal place to escape for a weekend.Although, I should warn you it did reach 41c during the day when we were visiting, which was simply too hot – but it did make the perfect excuse to stop off for a tinta de verano in the shade, yum!This has to be one of the most photogenic cities I’ve visited and for that reason I wanted to share some of my pictures with you to inspire a visit.

Have you ever visited Seville? What was your favourite part of the city? 

xo Gemma

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  1. I love Seville so much, it’s simply a stunning city! the Real Alcazar is the most breathtaking thing I have seen so far, its beauty moved me to tears. Would love to go back to Seville one day but then there are so many other places to see in the world….

  2. My great-grandparents were from Spain. My grandparents were from Costa Rica. I would love to visit Spain one day, especially Seville! I speak Spanish fluently so there wouldn’t be a language barrier! Great post!

  3. I’ve been to Barcelona twice and am just DYING to see more of Spain. Someday, I’d love to explore Seville and Valencia. Your photos of the architecture and street views are incredible, it looks like a little Spanish fairytale

  4. Oh, how I love Seville! I was actually sick the last time I was there (sigh), which means I need to go back–we didn’t get to see the Alcazar! The cathedral, tapas and the Plaza de Espana were all amazing, though. 🙂

  5. Wow, the place is beautiful! To be honest, all of Spain is just wonderful, and this city very well shows what it is like over there. Can’t wait to visit Spain again. 🙂

  6. WOW!! What a place! Of all the places I’d like to visit in Spain, Seville is definitely at the top of my list! There seems to be such grand architecture and history, it looks fab!

  7. Yes!Seville is also a city I’d love to explore too all day long. I mean, don’t those streets just look too lovely? And the architecture of the buildings is too awesome I don’t think I’d get tired of looking at! Anyway, your photos are just amazing!

  8. Love your picture! Seville looks like such a charming place, never been there but I would definitely visit it. Those colorful buildings is amazing!

  9. I haven’t visited Seville before but fromyour pictures, the architecture of the building definitely looks interesting. I love The details of old buildings. They don’t build those in more modern structures anymore.

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