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5 pictures that prove you need to visit Koh Rong!

White sand, clear turquoise water, friendly people and sunshine – Koh Rong is paradise!

If you’ve been following along with my adventures, you’ll remember I talked about this island a while back and it’s still relatively untouched (thank goodness), but I know it won’t be for much longer…

Check out the below snaps that are sure to make you want to hop on the next flight to Cambodia.

koh rong

Have you ever visited Koh Rong? I’d love to hear your experiences.


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  1. Gemma this is paradise!
    What is the best way to get there? By boat or plane?

    And it does look like there aren’t many tourists around, so this is definitely the place to go! When is the best time to visit?

    Telma @ Blank Canvas Voyage

    1. Hi Telma,

      There is no airport on the island. It’s really quite rustic, but that’s the beauty of it.

      You need to take a speedboat from Sihanoukville. It takes 45 mins and you will be at the main beach (you can go to both Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem).

      Best time to visit will be in high season, there will be more people but the weather will be great. It can be difficult in low season because the boats don’t run if the sea is too rough.

      Hope you get to visit this paradise soon, before it gets overdeveloped!

  2. Wow it looks beautiful. Was already thinking I needed to go here but those photos definitely have me convinced. Reminds me of Arno Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

  3. This place looks amazing. Cambodia is definitely on my list to visit. How is the infrascructure on the island? Is it easy to get around?

    1. Hi Mate,

      Mostly you need to take boats from each beach to another, there aren’t really roads inland. However, it is really easy to go where you want!
      I would definitely recommend visiting when you make it to Cambodia 🙂

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