Pandaemonium – visiting the pandas in Chengdu!

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Chengdu. Chengdu is basically panda city, everywhere you look there is some kind of panda memorabilia and I LOVE it.

Check out this giant panda sculpture that hangs off the IFS shopping mall in the city!


So obviously, you cannot leave Chengdu without a visit to the Panda research base.

It really was pandaemonium with all of the people at the base excited to see the pandas. But it’s totally worth it, it’s such a great experience to see the pandas in real life, you can get a lot closer to them than I expected! They are most active at feeding time and I was surprised how agile they are, climbing really high in the trees.

img_5660 img_5656 img_5658 img_5657 Panda

My favourites were the cubs, they were really active and playing around a lot which was awesome to watch and SO cute.

img_5663 img_5664 img_5662

My tip: Go to the research base as early as possible! The park opens at 7.30am and feeding time for the pandas is around 8am, they are most active at this time. Once they have eaten, they sleep most of the day.

Where: Chengdu Research base of Giant Panda breeding.

Cost: Entry to the base is 58 RMB and you can take a taxi there from the city center for around 60 RMB.

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